17 July, 2019

LEXX: Thodin and the Brunnen-G

(Note: Observations on Thodin and His Divine Shadow refer, by default, to  LEXX: I Worship His Shadow .) 1. He idolizes the Brunnen-G. Not to the extent that he considers himself to be one...
14 July, 2019

Supernatural: The Charlie problem (WARNING: THIS ROAD MAY BE SALTY)

I know that Charlie's death is a sore spot for a lot of fans, and I'm gonna go ahead and agree with them that the way her death was written was bad. Like most of the MoC storyline, it resulted...
10 July, 2019

Supernatural: Souls, Grace, and second-time angels

We know that angels (excepting very rare situations) have Grace but no souls, and that humans (again, excepting very rare situations) have souls and no Grace. Souls and Grace both work as...
9 July, 2019

Killjoys: Season 5 trailer

The first trailer  for Killjoys  season 5 is here, and it looks like Team Awesome Force is going to be as delightfully unhinged as ever. I grabbed a few screenshots of interesting moments:...

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