17 July, 2019

LEXX: Thodin and the Brunnen-G

(Note: Observations on Thodin and His Divine Shadow refer, by default, to  LEXX: I Worship His Shadow .) 1. He idolizes the Brunnen-G. Not to the extent that he considers himself to be one...
14 July, 2019

Supernatural: The Charlie problem (WARNING: THIS ROAD MAY BE SALTY)

I know that Charlie's death is a sore spot for a lot of fans, and I'm gonna go ahead and agree with them that the way her death was written was bad. Like most of the MoC storyline, it resulted...
10 July, 2019

Supernatural: Souls, Grace, and second-time angels

We know that angels (excepting very rare situations) have Grace but no souls, and that humans (again, excepting very rare situations) have souls and no Grace. Souls and Grace both work as...
9 July, 2019

Killjoys: Season 5 trailer

The first trailer  for Killjoys  season 5 is here, and it looks like Team Awesome Force is going to be as delightfully unhinged as ever. I grabbed a few screenshots of interesting moments:...

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LEXX: Did Earth create the Light Universe?

Posted on 14 March, 2019 by Administrator

One of the biggest plotholes mysteries in the LEXXverse is how the Divine Order appears to be either partially based on or the partial basis of modern Earth cultures, despite a) being in a different universe and b) ending 4,000 years before the Lexx reaches Earth circa 2,000 BCE. The Cluster stands out in this regard, utilizing Arabic numerals to show characters' ranks and red hearts to show romantic love. Theoretically, this couldbe a coincidence, but it feels unlikely, even by the standards of this show.

Which is why I headcanon that, tens of thousands of years ago, there was only one universe. And that (surprise, surprise) our crew is responsible for breaking it.

Recall that our Earth is canonically located in the "darkest part of the Dark Zone," in the same solar system with Water (Heaven) and Fire (Hell). When the Lexx destroys Fire and Water, the souls from both planets flee to Earth. Even if Earth is a "stupid type-13 planet," being the repository of all the human souls that have ever lived surely gives it a cosmic significance. Then the Lexx blows up Earth, too.

Where do the souls go then? Unlike when the Lexx destroyed Fire and Water, there are no visible humanlife-essences rushing out of the explosion, although Prince, being "an evil spirit," manifests on the NOAH. Either the souls were actually destroyed by the Lexx, which doesn't really fit with their survival of previous explosions, or something else happened to them.

I'd argue that the destruction of Earth caused the universe to re-balance itself, creating thousands of years of a parallel past and shifting the lost souls into it. The Time Prophet was able to predict the future by looking into "the old cycles of time," because the Lexx itself ensured a repeating loop.

How would the first iteration of the Light Universe's (and, indirectly, the Lexx's) creation have played out? Probably with Earth completing the Higgs-Boson experiment, turning itself into "an ultra-dense particle the size of a pea," and wrecking all the planets (including Fire and Water) nearby. This only had to happen once to create the Light Universe, produce the Lexx, and lead to the Lexx blowing up Earth... over and over and over.

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