My universe has a memory

And this is how I remember its dreams

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The Ants

Fandom: Penny Dreadful

He had seen, on Dracula’s face, not the expression of a god looking for his goddess, but of a man furious for his beloved; and, as a man, he was so familiar, so readable. Renfield knew which one of them was the goddess, and which one was beloved, and it was not him.

Dracula/Renfield. Dub-con; crossdressing; mind control.


Fandom: Penny Dreadful

Word Count: 3,540

“It should have been apples, tart and sweet from first to last,” Aveline told her. “That’s my Eden. That’s what I’ll remember. That’s the only thing of this world that I will ever love.”

Evelyn/Joan, before the fall. Horror; femslash; medieval backstory; series-compliant.


Fandom: Penny Dreadful

Word Count: 21,744

Season 2 AU, canon-divergent from the end of season 1. 

Millennia ago, after the rebelling angels were cast out of Heaven, Nephthys betrayed her lover Amunet to the Master in Hell. Called back to the mortal plane by Victor's experiments and psychically melded to a once-human host, she seeks to atone for her crimes by creating an immortal army to protect Vanessa Ives. Meanwhile, Vanessa struggles to maintain her faith, the witches plot against one another as well as Vanessa, and Dorian's secret could catalyze the apocalypse.

Primarily told from Lily's POV, with a prelude (Hecate), an interlude (Vanessa), and a postlude (Dracula) by others.

Know Your Master

Fandom: Penny Dreadful

Word Count: 1,263

She opened the book and began to chant in a language that was her own, in a language that had become hers not when the Cut-wife taught it to her, but when something else had entered her with its knowledge and its power. Such power, her power. She could feel it inside her, not a cold thing now, but warm. The Verbis Diablo, the word of the devil, the word of evil, the word of her own power.

Vanessa comes to terms with her true nature. Written before season 3 aired.

Six Lovers 

Fandom: Penny Dreadful

Word Count: 52,705

Dorian Gray spends moments with his mortal lovers. He spends eternity with his monstrous other half. Angst, horror, tragedy, and all the content warnings. Series-compliant.

The Viper's Lily

Fandom: Penny Dreadful

Word Count: 1,292

But in that murky hollow, where shapes twist into fantasies and truths and voices echo through the fog of lifetimes, he finds some piece of himself that he does not want to let go. Inspiration, beauty, horror, all the things that feed his waking soul thrive there. So he goes to it, again and again, and wakes up with memories that haunt him, that he must himself twist into fine ghost stories that he can control.

Dorian still chooses to sleep, and dream. Lily/Dorian. Written before season 3 aired.