One of the biggest plotholes  mysteries in the LEXX verse is how the Divine Order appears to be either partially based on or the partial basis of modern Earth cultures, despite a) being in a...
A couple of episodes into the second season of Hell on Wheels, here are my thoughts: It’s a deconstruction of the Western that works best when it escapes its genre, because, frankly, that was...
I really dislike the fandom interpretation that the First Slayer (referred to in tie-in materials as Sineya, so I’ll go with that) is nothing but a brutish, racist stereotype of Darkest Africa....

10 March, 2019

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Well, it's a Jerry Springer kind of family, but for what it's worth, we are family.

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After my posts were banned by Tumblr, I fled here to fangirl out over the wild, crazy, imaginative TV I love. This site may be politically incorrect, NSFW, and/or downright tacky. I'm running amok in my domain name, and I'm having fun doing it.

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